Spine Pain

Spine pain affects a large portion of the population and can be a very debilitating condition. Whether you are suffering from neck or back pain, MMPT strives to bring you an understanding of your condition as well as healing to the tissues that are affected.

Becky Sherwin, PT, COMT has studied the spine and various conditions pertaining to neck and back pain over the past decade. She has specialized through the IAOM-US through many hours of study, weekend courses and specific testing to gain this credentialing. She is currently working on a Fellowship in Manual Therapy through the IAOM-US and will be credentialed by the APTA as a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine upon completion. Becky is also working on a Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy through Texas Tech University Health Science Center which works in conjunction with her Fellowship program to bring the you the most current knowledge and treatment for your condition.



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